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Anti-Aging Treatment in Highland Park, NJ: Dr. Harry Schick
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Anti-Aging Treatment in Highland Park, NJCervical manipulations for anti-aging

One method that is used to measure the effects of human aging comes from assessing the length of telomeres.  Telomeres are cap-like structures that are located on the end of DNA strands. A distinct relationship exists between the length of the telomere and aging. Decreased telomere length is an indicator of accelerated aging. Improving health and longevity mean implementing health strategies that lengthen telomeres. Chiropractic adjustments prove to be one major strategy towards that goal.

Nutrition for anti-aging

It is no secret that eating healthy can lead to an extended life.  Aside from eating the right foods in the proper proportions, there are several nutrients that are essential to anti-aging. Every patient’s vitamin surplus and deficiencies are unique. Having an experienced doctor to guide each patient toward the proper nutritional path is essential to slowing down the aging process.

Dr. Harry Schick provides nutritional counseling and supplementation to his patients to improve health, lose weight, increase energy and to decelerate the effects of aging.

Detoxification for anti-aging

By simply submerging your feet in water with our ionic device, you can remove toxins, heavy metals, parasites and more to help maintain overall wellness in the body.  Our ion foot baths provide for natural detoxification which removes the impurities in the body that lead to unhealthy skin, lowered immunity and other factors that lead to accelerated aging.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for anti-aging

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is used to help with a large manner of health conditions. Having healthy cells is not a passive process. Regular “tuning-up” of our cells is not only feasible but necessary to slow aging and reduce the risk of cellular dysfunction.

Anti-aging therapy at HighPoint Health Center

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