Discovering the Cause of Your Thyroid Disorder

When it comes to thyroid disorders, there are many, many different patterns that can create the symptoms of a thyroid problem. In fact, there are certainly somewhere between 7 and 20, depending on which studies you look at. Out of those different thyroid disorders, only one or two are actually going to respond favorably to medication.

In our practice, we look at all the other possible reasons, whether it comes from a digestive disorder, which can be connected to the thyroid, whether there are metabolic issues such as different foods, or parasites, or heavy metals, which interfere with the thyroid. Basically, we have to become a detective.

When the thyroid is involved, anything can go. And because the thyroid affects every cell in the body, unless we look carefully and look for every possible cause, we can wind up not finding what is needed.

In our office, we look at the whole body. We take a whole-body approach, looking not only at the thyroid itself, but all that the thyroid influences.

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