Finding the Root Cause of Anxiety

There are two main areas that I strongly recommend people looking into if they have anxiety.

First of all, it is essential to get proper chemical testing done. This is done via both stool testing, because whatever is happening in the gut is also mirrored in the brain, and also complete blood workup, which will show different types of imbalances, which can lead to further imbalance in the brain chemicals, serotonin and dopamine. Although those can not be measured directly, there are very good indirect tests to do that.

Secondly, we recommend looking at the brain itself because that is where the seat of anxiety is. While a cardiologist might look at the heart and an internal medicine doctor might look at organs, when somebody has anxiety, unfortunately, people often don’t look at the brain, the organ itself that houses the anxiety. We strongly recommend doing a brain map, which will show imbalances of firing, which can be the actual cause of anxiety. Once the brain map is done, a patient can use neurofeedback therapy, which is the preeminent way of handling anxiety.

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